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I am Laura, former CEO, serial entrepreneur, and strategy consultant who helps others find joy through business ownership. After fifteen years of running companies, I understand that entrepreneurship can provide the greatest moments of happiness and as well as when you just. feel. DONE. I get it!

Here you will find tools and resources to love what you do, and do what you love, with joy and purpose.

I believe that creative entrepreneurship gives us an amazing opportunity to find more joy in their own lives, create joy in the lives of others, and to live out their purpose using their God-given gifts and talents towards a greater good. 

By aligning our personal values with the work we do, we create a wonderful sense of joy and intention with our every day work.

Rainbows and butterflies and unicorns all day every day, right?

Uh. yeah, right!

For most creative entrepreneurs, growing a businesses can feel like one impossible hurdle after another.

The good news?

Loving what we do and experiencing JOY while doing it IS POSSIBLE through skill building, discipline and habit.

It’s about living out this passion through the day to day trials of business ownership by sharpening our intuition, core business and self-awareness skills.

As a leader and consultant to national brands and a coach to entrepreneurs (with a special place in my heart for women business owners), I bring:

  • humility

  • wisdom

  • authentic conversation

  • strong intuition

  • gratitude

Who am I?

Yes!  Hello. My name is Laura Meyer and I have extensive experience in retail, entrepreneurship, franchising, online businesses, and marketing. I’ve scaled several 6 and 7-figure creative businesses, and national brands hire me for assistance with their marketing strategy.

I’m a joyful wife, boy mom, and believer in Jesus.

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I’m deeply passionate about helping others find joy, create life-HARMONY and develop a plan for purposeful entrepreneurship.  

Let’s replace the “hustle” message we often hear around the idea that you have to sacrifice it all – personal happiness, time with your family, and joyfulness – to be a successful and profitable entrepreneur.   As a recovering workaholic, I have found that this common message is counterproductive to both success AND joy, and buying into that idea contributes to the plethora of mental health challenges many creative entrepreneurs face.

I have over fifteen years experience of successfully running companies, and am honored to have had my business advice found in: